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Posted by Enzo on November 5, 2014



Hey guys and gals. I've recently opened up a support program on Tapastic that will allow you to give me large sums of money! Hopefully! Or else! Maybe!

I love making comics and have been drawing them all my life, and my dream has always been to do it full-time. The support program is an avenue that will allow me to do that, but I will need your help. If even a tenth of the visitors to the site each month gave me $1 a month, I would be able to make rent and food, and still have enough left over for booze and hookers. So that's all I'm asking from you: $1 a month.

What would that allow me to do? Currently, CUEK is on a two-day update schedule. I would be able to update more often, like say four to five times a week! I would also have more time to produce content that isn't strictly comics -- say, animations, games, tutorials, and self-contained/independent story comics. If you've read through my archive, then you know I'm good for it (otherwise, see #92#200 and of course Dog). Books and merchandise would also be possible!

What would you get in return? Currently the support program is set up to reward users on a milestone basis  (that is, once you've invested 5$ for example, you will receive an exclusive wallpaper). The support page has more info on all the rewards. As a supporter, you will also gain exclusive access to my brain in the form of works-in-progress, sketches, storyboards, and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes. This is tentative right now as I am just starting out, but I am open to many things, including but not limited to livestreams, Q&A sessions, and tutorials.

That's pretty much it from me for now. If you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it, please consider supporting me, and I will do my best to make it worth your while. Thanks for reading!



Tapastic & 2014 Updates

Posted by Enzo on February 4, 2014

I just wanted to let you all know you can find Cheer Up, Emo Kid on Tapastic now.


Tapastic is an awesome webcomic publishing platform that is absolutely free.  You can re-read all your old favourites on a mobile-friendly format Tuesdays and Thursdays at Be sure to check it out!

What's next for 2014? I had a lot of goals in 2013 that I didn't meet because I had no time. This year will be better, because I'm actually taking regular time off of my day job to focus on comics. Which is awesome, because it means I'll actually accomplish things this year. So, what's on the to-do list?

  • Fix the damn website. What's wrong with the login form? Login form is fixed. Comment replies are fucked, though, they're all over the place.
  • Making the website mobile-friendly. The current site is a bandwidth hog that sometimes kills the server's CPU when traffic is high. The responsive site is on its way. This is pretty high priority, I'm slowly creeping closer towards my bandwidth & CPU limit every month.
  • Get a store up and running. I have some basic merchandise ready to go - greeting cards, stickers, and buttons. Been researching the best place to get books & shirts done. I want to do a Kickstarter this year, will you guys back it?
  • Avatar creator. Because don't you  want to build a blobby CUEK character that looks like you?
  • More, bigger conventions? I might have to leave Vancouver for this one

Then there are the goals that I have that I can only meet if I have, like, a LOT of time.

  • Animated cartoons & simple interactive games that aren't made in flash because everything I learned in college is now obsolete THANKS OBAMA STEVE JOBS
  • A small blog site where I'll post tutorials detailing everything I know how to do, i.e. making a comic from start to finish, building a WordPress site for a webcomic, web design & dev tips, basic animation & game development, etc.
  • Webcomic for web & graphic designers

So here's to 2014, and actually getting shit done this time.

Thanks to everyone for your constant support.


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