#121: Dog - Part 1

I`m pretty sure you all know exactly how this is going to end. Yes, that`s right. The dog becomes DARTH VADER.

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  1. avatar Sief

    Holy fuck Armstrong Dicksmasher is the coolest name I've ever heard.

  2. avatar JulieKaa

    Blind we were. Dark side in the dog we did not see.

  3. avatar Malexhe

    This is what I shall read to my future children every night before they go to sleep.

  4. avatar Siron

    THATS IT!!! Im calling my dog Armstrong Dicksmasher!!! ITS TOOO AWESOME TO BE JUST A FANTASY NAME!!!

  5. avatar andrew

    Great one! I absolutely love it.

  6. avatar Triibus

    When's the next part coming? I hope it has a happy ending! Would be too sad otherwise :(

  7. avatar markiemeister

    it is finally here! i've been waiting for so long checking your site out every day for new entry. totally love the dog lol

  8. avatar clover

    In Finnish, Sari is a girls name. Just FYI :)

    • avatar Davinder

      Posted on Dee, I want your dog so badly I am tempted to sneak in and do sohteming felonious. What IS he? Where can I GET one? I want one JUST LIKE THAT ONE, crap and all. And that's love, my friend.

  9. avatar Drew

    i cant wait until he becomes Darth Vader.

  10. AMK

    I thought we all agreed that if I was to ever have a family, the dog will be named Manslaughter. My two sons, Theft and Arson, would compete for his affection.

  11. avatar Nellie

    You rule :*

  12. avatar Firip


  13. avatar Tane

    @clover - I think that was the joke. ;)
    @AMK - And they'll get nice stable boring desk jobs (even the dog) while your daughter Jaywalking will end up running a crime cartel.

    @Enzo - Do you suggestions for strips? Maybe that would be a solution to your problem where life has to suck for you to write comics... I'm sure your fans have enough screwed up relationship stories to keep you going between breakups. :P

  14. avatar Eric

    can't wait for DOG VADER to appear...
    should be pretty saweet.

  15. avatar Shark112

    That's pretty damn good drawing of a sari.

  16. avatar Isa


  17. avatar SH0tybumbati

    hahha!!! firat!! TOTAL TYPO!!! just sayin... hehhe

  18. avatar robotsanta

    i die every time i see that picture of dog=armstrong dicksmasher

  19. avatar anon

    This entire set made me feel really sad. :(

  20. avatar anon

    i'm a guy... and this serously made me tear....

  21. avatar EosHelios

    This entire set of comics is so amazing. It's absolutely loaded with emotion, Perfectly timed, the comedy is perfect, and the pictures are done so well... Today is the audition for the three-act play at my school. After reading this, I scrapped my original monologue, and started memorizing this nine page comic. I have a feeling it'll blow people away. Where'd you get the inspiration for this...?

  22. avatar Fábio Lima

    Hello Enzo, I'm just loved this history! Thanks for share this! Congrats from Brazil! :)

  23. avatar underfunding

    y trafnie,
    na koniec kopią serducha plugawego nie underfunding
    przebije. Mylniej... Von Egger zniżył jeszcze bardziej wotum,
    pochylił się aż do zabójcy
    smoków. - Sam ofiary bestii szczędzą, owieczki.
    .. -.

  24. avatar Aetherius

    Beautiful story, first time something in the internet makes me cry... And the end is awesome :D

  25. avatar cheerupwhat

    i srsly cried at least 3 separate times because of this comic... i found this whole site today and i've been reading through the comics for about 2 hours... ;-;

  26. so enzo is the father of darth vader dog?

  27. avatar kelp supplements

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate your efforts
    and I am waiting for your next write ups thank
    you once again.

  28. to bad the name can't be ARMSTRONG DICKSMASHA

  29. avatar Guestie

    Dear enzo, I hate you, you were a bad person with ugly personality, for your own sake I hope you changed and that you learn from your mistakes.
    Love, guest

  30. avatar Wrich

    This is brilliant. It made me cry at work- please take that as a complement. You hit a cord here, and made me look back at my own life with the same feelings.

    Now to go out and punch some people in the gooch in honor of Dolly, my very own Armstrong Dicksmasher.

  31. avatar DeDodgingEse

    lol...nobody ever wants your dogs

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