#91: Frank 2

He a mushroom-cloud-layin` mother fucker, mother fucker.

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  1. avatar It’s_that_one_guy

    I think you captured the profane, 50s-born fathers of the day perfectly.

  2. avatar RinnaRainbowlicious

    Possibly my favorite comic yet. :D I adore Frank's emo hairr.. :]

  3. avatar Adham


  4. avatar gta0012

    Lol. Everything makes so much more sense now haha.

    And yea in the butt of all places is an instant classic

  5. avatar machete


  6. avatar nosnebeneg

    Dude.... these are fucking hilarious

  7. avatar A-Mac

    i now want to marry frank because of his hair <3
    its tres emo :P

  8. avatar Doll-Face

    Frank's dad had to be in 'Nam.

  9. avatar Charlieee

    Wow. Frank's dad seems like Rush Limbaugh stuffed into a Groucho Marx doll.

  10. avatar Cuekfan 2.0

    It's interesting how you had the father say "I'm a bad mother fucker" , even though its implied by his chin?

  11. avatar tonks

    lol @ charlieee!

    can't wait for thursday!

  12. avatar Meg

    Frank's emo hair is so adorable ^.^

    The 'stache frightens me.

  13. avatar sting56500

    you are absolutely amazing dude...

  14. avatar professorkatz

    this one is much better drawn then the last... probably my fav comic so far next to the butterflies one...

  15. avatar RYN3O

    "Yes, In the butt, of all places"
    I laughed so hard.

  16. avatar sarah

    Frank sniffing in the first frame is absolutely adorable.
    I wonder if he'll tell his mother about what his father said? : b

  17. avatar R2

    heheh its funny that Frank has the same name as MCR's rythmic guitarist. WAT A COINCIDENCE

  18. avatar reynard61

    If my father were an arrogant, violent psychopath I'd be crying too...

  19. avatar WaitingForThatEmo

    i think i'm in love with frank... I have a thing for emo guys.

  20. avatar redgmystr

    sigh... i love emo kids

    but on the other hand the way frank's dad acted would be exactly like my step-dad would

  21. avatar Sammo_36

    i want to know whats gonna happen to zeke and jade/purple!

  22. avatar Cleanupkill

    LMAO as I type

  23. avatar Chrissy

    "Because if its about a boy, I will beat you"

  24. avatar p

    of all places! don't that beat all!

  25. avatar nabu_cantbeemo

    that was Funny AS Hell man!!!
    you are seriously very good at this.!
    Keep up the good work :)

  26. avatar Leslie

    ironically enough, it's kinda like looking at a comic version of home.

  27. avatar A-Mac

    I love emo guys so that makes me want to give frank a BIG hug

  28. avatar Adam

    excellent... i love where this comic is going

  29. avatar sicklecellulite

    How do i cmment on the video one?
    It was amazing and i loved it. Worth the weight

  30. avatar Somebody’s Only Light

    This explains why Frank is a complete jerk. XD

  31. avatar canadamaggot

    OMG every time I read Frank's father's texts, I imagine Seth MacFarlane doing his voice. It's seriously like PERFECT MATCH!

  32. avatar Hayley

    nice posters!

  33. avatar sunset

    he got a super bad dad!lol

  34. avatar ~Jess~

    This actually makes me feel kinda bad for Frank.
    Crying for a girl...
    not really being the guy he is.
    It's sweet. :)

  35. avatar Coral

    I heart Frank :3

  36. avatar emout

    man its a good thing my dad din't know im emo....or he will start talking just like frank's dad...

  37. avatar Crazyemochick

    I hate the dad even more reminds me of one of my friends father and he's gay so yeaaah his dad is an ass and his mom

  38. avatar Jeronetj3

    See comment on last strip :)
    And what is wrong with being taken in the butt?
    This dad must be the most extreme-liberal person there is... If he could run for president of the USA he would get 0 votes, that's how liberal he is...

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