#196: House Party 7

"mustache" is a funny word but I prefer the term "facepubes"

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  1. Nothing like cops to sober you up quickly.

  2. avatar The Jman

    Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't they in canada? Kinda hard to imagine the cops of that country to pull off a massacre

  3. avatar Loser

    This tragedy would better be prevented if we understood pedophilia better....

  4. avatar Mac Gunson

    Sometimes i hate my name...

  5. avatar PantsOnPassion

    This is awesome. I can't wait to see Frank's reaction when he sobers up enough to talk.

  6. avatar BrandoMakisig

    a post from 9gag brought me here. And was really surprised that your a fellow pinoy. So coooooool! Well, anyway love your work so far!!! Keep it up!!! :cheer:

  7. avatar Axel Bordelon

    Still wondering something. Where did Frank and Zeke come back from on the airplane? Will that ever be answered?

  8. avatar lolcandybunny2

    HAHAHAHAHA this is hilarious. "SOMEONE'S IN THERE FUCKING CHILDREN!" i'm sorry but i literally fell over what a misunderstanding xD

  9. Well ENzo i read all ur Archives and tried hard to not read them in one day cause it really feels bad in the end! O_o
    every day i read one year of archives! :rockon:

    so after all these AWESOME comics i really need to say U ROCK!

    u R The Best ! i started reading lots of webcomics this month but i really couldn't had enough of ur comics !

    i appreciate ur endless efforts!

    and by the way those Sound Comics And Game Comics were LEGENDARY!

    :love: :D

  10. did i just read from #1 to #196 in one day? Holy Shit I DID!! awesome stuff enzo

  11. avatar TheEyeMaker

    Hey, where's TheGlowingNinja? Normally he'd already be here commenting about how this story's similarity to his life. Is he too busy making a report to Police about Enzo stalking him?

  12. avatar TheJoJo

    I've been reading since 2009. (i think) This stuff is pure gold. I would like to say, thank you for cheering up my day when I was down. Btw, have you read a web comic called Homestuck? :uhh: I enjoy it very much so.

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