#324: Knowledge

Anything you want honey Anything? Yes, anything Ok, chicken No I don't want chicken BUT YOU SAID ANYTHING

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  1. Enzo

    Testing guest comments because they were broken before, hello hello testes 1 2.. 3?

  2. avatar Professional Lurker

    Posting as a guest, this is just a test. But we're serious about it, please don't think it's in jest.

  3. omg the look on the monks face. its a cross between wtf and I dont know

  4. avatar boop

    Says the Devil: "Mortal! Your soul is mine unless you can ask a question I cannot answer-"
    "What does my girlfriend want for dinner?"

  5. avatar Chris

    As the wise man ounce said "get off my mountain"

  6. avatar ReedReplyier

    Testing replies. Initiating counter-greeting in 3, 2, 1... Hello back to you ^_^ .

  7. avatar ReedReplyier

    REPLY FAILED! I REPEAT, REPLY FAILED! Don't we have a code for such situation?!? :rage:

  8. It seemed he knows the Mysteries of Life except how to read a woman's mind, oh boy that's more years of meditation and contemplation...or why not just simply ask her? :B

  9. avatar Ruby

    "Oooh you know what I like" ...Sounds still screwed to me..

  10. avatar death

    because we don't give straight answers.

  11. Reminds me of the old joke of the "biker and the genie"
    But that expression sells it :D Nice one.

  12. Daily life problems of the average human male.

  13. Enzo, I've been a long time fan of this comic!
    Keep it up, you got great material. =D

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