That's the final path! (For now). Cheese ahoy!

Thanks for reading this mini-arc, I hope you enjoyed it.

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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Discussion (16 Comments)

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  1. Enzo,
    The Paths story touched me. It's nice to see all your characters in it and that's what makes them more mysterious now.
    I got to say I really dig it that you regularly update now. This is my only, weekly reoccuring, webbrowser activity ;) keep up the good work! I'll keep following your webcomic for another 5 years :D

  2. Honestly I thought this mini-arc was about Enzo and how he got his girl, even though hypothetically speaking it could also be Zeke considering Enzo is represented as Zeke throughout the comic either that or Zeke is an alternate interpretation of a path that Enzo may have taken. Same could be said about all the other major characters in this story considering they are all a part of Enzo considering that Enzo is the person who created them.

  3. emoasian

    I thought this arc was supposed to be about origin stories. Who's origin story is this? Zeke's?

  4. top kek

    The path I took most resembles wrath, so seeing this kinda stings.

  5. NiggaKFC

    Ill take Perseverance or Patience. :)

  6. Cheered up kid

    Actually, the guy in the glasses, i believe is asian. just not chinese

  7. How extremely multi-polar this mini-arc was. Fantastic as always. =)

  8. gregorius

    zekeĀ“s father? maybe?

  9. So does this mean Zeke is a schizophrenic person, and all of the people he sees in his life are just the same him but taking different paths?

    Or did everyone of them simply go through a very similar experience but dealt with it in different ways?

    Either way, keep up the great work Enzo, I love this series!

  10. Hmm the beginning always starts the rewind from the last path then back to the save point or the flag? 8)

  11. David

    That was a bit sad ;-;

  12. these paths show emotional growth of the heart. in all realness it was lovely.learning life by experience. lle :angel:

  13. This one is so touching... until you read the alt text.

  14. And tell me how all of them exsits in the same universe or timeline?

  15. NiggaKFC

    Its Franks.
    If he takes Perseverance then he becomes Steve
    If he takes Fury thenk he becomes Frank.
    So the one with that guy with a blue tie (Who I thought was Asian) is Frank but the happy one.
    Now get me KFC or I will fuck you up nigga


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