#154: Priorities

give me a sec I gotta check facebook twitter google+ youtube reddit pinterest dribbble behance deviantart newgrounds stackoverflow livejournal tumblr wordpress orkut plurk flickr linkedin mashable engadget paa rps kotaku filmdrunk wwtd ontd xanga sheezyart  myspace digg 9gag every webcomic ever and pornhub really quick.

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  1. love the updated website, just really great.

  2. So happy my boy Enzo has returned to what he does best. Well I'm sure you do other shit pretty well too but the comic is freakin awesome.

  3. It's amazing to see how much CUEK has evolved since I first started reading. I'm so glad you're back to updating! :D

  4. avatar pragya

    love your comics. :)

  5. I just started to see everyone one of your comics. And I have to say that you have evolved immensely. I trully enjoyed and appreciated the dog strips. You trully demostrated your ability to convey emotion thru comics.
    I trully love your work, aswell as the kind heartedness in the sense that you actually listen and react to your fans. I wish you the best bro. You are trully awesome, and by the way I red everything in a couple hours. I was hooked like coke just that it got better as I went. hehehe Thanks bro
    (pardon my grammar english is not my first language I'm still trying to get use to it.)

  6. What made you decide to start updating again? Cause I checked for the first time in over a year after giving up on the comic, only to see that it still hadn't been updated.

    But then, I had RSS this time, so I decided to subscribe in the one-in-a-million chance that you'd update again.

    And... you did. And you did again! Now you're updating regularly! What's the deal?

    • I'm going to write a post about it soon, but the short story is, I'm getting my shit (aka my life) together and drawing comics is one of the things I'll never stop doing so long as my fingers still fing. Thanks for checking back, Mitch!

  7. avatar babymaker4000

    I love you. I love your comics. I make you babies now?

  8. avatar sarahissomewhere

    AH! Updates! I've been a long-time lurker with your comics. Love the new strips. Your style is great! And man, I pull that all shit all the time when checking the internet. Just needed the definition of "impetus"? Nope. Must. Check. Everything.

  9. avatar CelloFiend

    Happy to see you're finally back! Just want to let you know that the random button seems to always direct to the same comic. Just FYI. Keep up the good work!

  10. avatar Kristine

    YAY, cuek is back. I waited forever. <3

  11. avatar disappointedman

    i still think its crap, why on earth did i listen to my friends blabbering about this "cool" comic strip crap crap crap annnnnnnddddd crap

    • I understand that you might have your own point of view and all. But you don't have to be disrespecful, maybe this comic is not your cup of tea. But instead of calling it "crap", you can contribute constructively so that author (Enzo) could make it better. And maybe in a future not to far from now,you too can become a fan.

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