#6: Settle Down, Smiley Kid

How do you make it look so easy to be happy?

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  1. AMK

    Now I wanna buy a gun

  2. avatar georgie

    you're so mean :]]

  3. avatar Jellybean

    i actually awww-ed outloud for quite a while. poor guy :(

    but it's still hilarious in a twisted way hahah

  4. avatar lil ms. muffet

    poor kid.

  5. avatar A-Mac

    i would love to do that to all the happy kids in my school cuz they dont know how not to spread their cheerfulness 8/

  6. avatar awwww

    thats so mean lol

  7. avatar heyllfiya

    lol what if instead of a pistol it was a bazooka

  8. avatar zq

    hahaha i love this !

  9. avatar ToXiC

    LMAO! I just found this site ~ I know I'm slow BUT
    God Damn I'm glad I'm here bahaha

  10. avatar Lori

    this is the best comic anyones ever made. online.

  11. avatar The REAL enzo jk

    that was funny. LOVE this series.

  12. avatar janice239

    This continues to be my favorite of all time!

  13. avatar shitemo_34

    shut up this comic is funny....but poor guy...

  14. avatar Lamb

    ;D hahahahahaha, damn straight, eff you mr. happy :) hehe

  15. avatar emo

    I feel kinda bad for laughing at that...

  16. avatar Jess

    It sad that it made me sad :L And you're a genuis dude :)

  17. avatar smiles

    waz up i love the new ones ther so f*** funny

  18. avatar Jaime

    i found you guys today, i think ive almost read them all.

    I love you.

  19. avatar jordan

    that. . . .was. . . awesome ^o^

  20. avatar Beccar x

    That ... was ... amazing :D hahahahahaha...i actually nearly wet myself ...
    PMSL !!!
    no words necessary lol :P

  21. avatar Isaac

    I actually got a chuckle out of that.

  22. avatar Juliet

    Aw poor guy!! lol

  23. avatar Rawshull

    Just started reading these (gah, I'm so behind!) but lmao! this one cracked me up xD

  24. avatar Mekk

    Lol he got slapped xD!!!

  25. No!!MY BALLON!!!( i spell horrible)

  26. That's So Bad :@ I Hate This Kind Of Dumbass ! :@

  27. avatar Sassy

    I so badly wanna do that to some people hahahahahaha

  28. avatar darcy

    thats soo mean T_____T
    i don't like a lotta these comics :(
    they are so cruel and not even emo, its just a really big jerk that reminds me of a jock at my school! D:

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