#218: Stacy's Dad

Stacy's Aunt has got... on... real.. nice... pants..?

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  1. May 27, 2013 — 3:16 am


  2. My life is officially ruined. :surrender:

  3. avatar asianguy

    what if the ending of the video was also parodied

  4. avatar Bob

    This reminds me of "That's My Boy".
    If it had been an adult male teacher sleeping with a young female student.....

  5. avatar Sebby

    Hahaha awesome catch.

    Ironically, I heard far more stories about a girl saying one of my friend's dad was getting them steamy than the other way around.

    Also... You know... That movie with a plastic bag in the wind...

    But asianguy is right.

  6. avatar Dave

    I didn't heard the source before, but the comic was hilarious anyway :D

  7. avatar WideEyedCracka

    If Stacy is the one wearing a purple ribbon (just like all those other girls) then who's hand was her dad holding in panel one? Cuz if he was flirting with a random school girl that by itself is enough to arrest him, I think...

    • avatar Nemoswang

      Stacy is the one with the blue ribbon - the girl in the 2nd panel with the purple ribbon is another person who is mowing the lawn. Not stacy .

      • avatar WideEyedCracka

        She makes other girls mow her lawn? Doesn't that make her a bitch? I wouldn't be surprised if her last name was Red.
        Stacy Red - professional bitch.

  8. I dub thee my future daughter Stacy. :rockon:

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