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    I decided I want to go on a bit of a power trip.

    But, then, all the subjects of my private island nation died from mysterious, mysterious causes that I had absolutely nothing to do with.

    So, I came here to flaunt my omnipotence.

    These rules aren’t set in stone or anything, they’ll be subject to change at the whim of Enzo if he ever decides to drop by. Otherwise, I think it’s a pretty good guideline for now.

    Tremble as I unleash the (un)official rules of the forum.

    1. You do not talk about Fight Club.
    2. Respect and decency is a rare commodity on the Interwebs. We should hoard it all here in the CUEK forums and surely we will dominate the market. Violators will be violated.
    3. It’s not uncommon for individuals to post their silly human life issues here on the forums. Unless you are sure they’re outright lying, try to listen, take them seriously, and show some empathy. (As a psychopathic undead insect, I am totally exempt.)
    4. Do not deceptively link people to or post images of anything that one might consider NSFW (Not Safe For Work). This is not 4chan. Violators will be violated.
    5. You humans all look and act alike to me. That said I don’t want to hear any more slurs about what color skin that person’s skin is or what kind of stereotypes that person has, or what kind of creature they worship. You all smell funny and like porn. Simple as that. Violators will be violated.
    6. There is no rule six.
    7. Mind your words. I use English for the sake of convenience. It would be nice if you use it in a way that at least might make one think that you actually know it properly. This forum interface DOES have a spell chek, u kno.
    8. Avoid posting multiple times in a row in the same thread without response from others. If a conversation doesn’t happen, babbling to yourself is not the way to make it happen. I know, I was shocked to learn that as well.
    9. Try to have fun despite the fact that a terrifying mantis is watching over you.
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