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    I honestly can’t remember. I do remember starting from the first CUEK webcomic ever and stopping at the last one at the time. I took me 4 hours (I think) to wade through at least 100 webcomics, and this was about 4 years ago.

    Maybe we found out about the site the same way, or maybe the discovery was close to mine. I’m Filipino. Filipina, actually. I don’t think I was part of any forum back then. Well, except for Neopets that is.

    I really want to remember how I came to know about CUEK because, well, I hate not remembering (and partly because I’m curious about your story too, as well, also).

    So, how did you learn about Cheer Up, Emo Kid? :)



    I remember I was introduced back 4 years ago by Sn1p3r… He and I went to school together. I’ve been a part of this forum ever since.



    You must be very thankful that he introduced you to CUEK :)



    It is nice to come onto here and see the new comics every once in a while. But the forum is nothing compared to what it used to be, unfortunately.



    Yeah, I think I can imagine. I guess it was 2009 when this forum really, you know, exploded in all our faces lol

    Your MOTHER exploded in my faces, last NIGHT.

    Yes, I have many faces.



    The Many Faces of AMK. How theatrical, haha.

    I stumbled upon the webcomic almost 4 years ago, I think. It was literally just a chance-find on the googleverse and was my first introduction to webcomics as well. I’m more than happy I’ve been brought to this neck of the interwebs through that and was and still am able to be a part of the select people who know about CUEK.

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    My apologies in advance, if I was not supposed to revive this thread. But I felt that it was better than starting a new one.

    Anyway, I saw a compiled version of the ‘Dog’ strips in 9gag months (or was it already more than a year?) ago. The watermark (that’s what it’s called, right?) was in the image, so I thought of visiting the site in the watermark.

    I’ve finished the comic strips before the reboot started. But I still visited frequently, just in case Enzo decided to continue his work. But after a few months, I gave up.

    A few strips after the Reboot, I was told by a colleague that CUEK started again, though the update was slower. So I checked it out again, and I’ve been visiting the site almost daily.


    Since i saw this started from the first archive few hours ago (‘- ‘)



    The internet sometime back in 2010


    Wow! Goodmeme’s a new one to me. Welcome, you guys. I know the forum isn’t much right now but I’m preparing it for something beefier in the coming months.

    We got a large amount of visitors last month from 9gag, Imgur, Cheezeburger network, and reddit! Woohoo! Glad to have y’all here.

    Shinigami, I’ve seen you and a couple other people posting comments on every strip for the last few weeks — thanks dudes!! rock on! :rockon:



    I am eagerly awaiting the addition of a significant amount of beefage. Enzo, will barbeque sauce be provided?

    Also, I saw this around 2009 I think. I remember that it was the end of April (wow, almost 4 years of being a CUEK fan).

    If it’s anything, back then I chose to read CUEK over the just-starting Homestuck.

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