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    It was a few years ago, can’t remember when. What I do remember is I was in a pretty dark place and I came across this. What really caught me was the dog comic; I actually made an avatar/bg with a small cut from one of those. I love these comics and I’m glad I finally made a profile.



    Someone posted the dog story on imgur and i just about cried and someone posted the link to the website and so here i am



    around August last year (2013) I was looking through one of my friend’s phone and she had a bunch of these comics on there and i asked her what it was and she told me, i went home and looked it up and spent the entire night reading them from the beginning. :cheer: i am so happy that I was snooping through her phone that day or else i would not have CUEK, and that would just be a tragedy =)



    When I first found out about CUEK, it was around January 2013. I was looking around some social media site and saw that someone posted the creepy-smile-bus-comic with only “lol” as the description. Then everyone started talking about Cheer Up, Emo Kid and at the time, I had no idea about how it was linked to the comic. So then I just searched it up to find this site, which I joyfully spent a lot of time on. I only recently made an profile to try and contribute to the community.



    StumbleUpon. I still haven’t checked out all the archived comics. Been checking updates for a few months. Had to register to praise the Path of Perseverance. Seriously an amazing set of comics. Better love story in 3 comics than (insert trope filled rom-com).


    Welcome you guys thanks for being here. I love you all :B (In a platonic, no-physical-contact type of way of course) (Like my last relationship)



    Found the first Paths strip on Imgur and really liked the story so I decided to look it up. Found the site after a little searching and I am quite glad I did. Enzo you are a hilarious dude, but the Dog comics hit me right in the feels.



    u are completley brilliant. :rockon:



    I’ve been enjoying your comic. It was a good idea to post on Imgur! I’m throwing some FB likes to advertise for you. :)



    I saw it on and I totally love it :love:



    I was typing in random letter combinations out of sheer boredom. Somehow I ended up here and discovered, and I loved it. I read it for a while and eventually decided to make an account to make comments.




Viewing 12 posts - 25 through 36 (of 38 total)

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