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    So, Music says a hell of a lot about a person. Like, music is just something pretty radical so let’s discuss what kind of music we all like ’cause that’d be pretty chill.
    Anyways, I quite like the grunge style of rock. Nirvana, Pearl Jam etc. Also quite a lot of small time bands like Dreams From Gin or ovlov. If anyone is interested I could link their bandcamp pages to you, though I’m sure with a bit of googling you’d find them anyways.

    So yeah, tell me about your musical preferences.



    Whatever this might say about me, my favorite band is Streetlight Manifesto. Since my special move at the moment is “A Lengthy Transformation Sequence that Doesn’t Do Anything”, I’ve chosen “Giving up, Giving in” (Streetlight Manifesto’s yellingest, least comprehensable song) to play for all two minutes, fourty-four seconds of the glorious fire, lightning, particle effects, etc. that accompany my lack of change.



    I like EDM and EDM accessories. :hat:



    I listen to Japanese stuff, mostly… There are a few exceptions (Red, Midnight Syndicate, Trans-Siberian Orchestra) but otherwise I have Girugamesh, Miyavi and Boom Boom Satellites on repeat forever.



    I listen to everything, but it’s generally metalcore. if I’m not listening to asking Alexandria and the devil wears prada, however, it”s usually frank Sinatra, NOT JUNIOR, or something along the lines of hopsin.



    I listen to an assortment of punk rock/rock. But regardless of genre, I still like good music. Bands such as… Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Flogging Molly, Say Anything, Panic! at the disco, Queen, Tim Minchin, Steam Powered Giraffe, The Used, The Offspring, Matchbox twenty, the entire soundtrack of RWBY, and much more.

    Music can tell a lot about a person and their personality traits, but you need a large variety of music tastes from sed person in order to find the correct traits. There is a difference between loving the people who play the music and loving their music. Either way, rock on. :rockon:



    K-pop. :cheer:



    hmm japanese is a thought

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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