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    So I’m coding a text-based civilization / sim game where you’ll rival an AI and eventually go to war with them. I’m maybe 5% done, but I need some building names and was wondering if you creative people could give me some.

    Here are all of the arrays if you’re a caring type of person:

    Please specify which names are for: banks, commercial outlets, community centers, industrial zones, power plants, and residential.

    Commercial should be like clothing shops, insurance agencies, food stores, fast food stores, therapy centers, et cetera.

    Residential should be apartment names. I’m having trouble with these because neighborhoods are usually named things like “Castle Hills” or some biz.

    Industrial should just be the names of companies involved in manufacturing and such.

    PLEASE DON’T GIVE ME ALREADY EXISTING COMPANY NAMES. I want original stuff. Also, lawsuits.

    Since I need a crapton of names (there’ll be at most 2,500 buildings in a city), please give me literally anything. Even if it’s garbage, it will probably be used. Hell, most of my stuff is garbage.

    Also, can I get my award:



    I just joined as a member so sorry if this is a bit late.
    I downloaded a wordlist that has nouns and adjectives in them. Using a one syllable adjectives and a one syllable nouns I generated some random names and I think it turned out ok. As an example:
    The Stopped Men,
    The Grim Cleats,
    The Ult Chock,
    The Lobed Qat,
    The Greige Chards,
    The Funked Frits,
    The Suave Knells,
    The Cool Deme,
    The Meet Glair,
    The Glare Glops.

    Not the best of names but it will definitely do the job until you can find something else and you could generate around 4 million names using this method.

    With regards to your chat streak: Well done.



    Pallywanker’s Night Club (I guess a night club would technically be commercial?)
    McClownie’s Fast Food Joint (Fast Food)
    Cheer Up that Emo Kid Rehabilitation Center (Rehab Center. You always need at least one easter egg.)
    The Dusty Sphincter Bar and Grill (Bar)
    Money Leech Insurance Co (Insurance Company)
    Uber Expensive Real Estate (Real Estate)
    Recycled Liquor Store (Liquor Store)

    Super Good Apartment Building (Apartment Building)
    Super Cheap and Bad Quality Apartment Building (Apartment Building)
    Some Dude’s Basement Home for the Elderly (Elderly Home)
    Hoe Field’s Condominium Complex (Condo Complex)
    McClownie’s Sponsored Home for the Elderly (Elderly Home)

    Power Companies:
    Yottawatt Power Company
    Hayfield Power Co.
    Holy Crap Electricity is Expensive Power Company
    Really Crap Power Company
    Totally Won’t Melt Down Nuclear Power Plant Power Outlet

    All I can think of, for now.



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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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