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The Blog

Webcomic Status - 2013

Posted by Enzo on April 2, 2013


March has been a pretty awesome month. I prepared hand-made booklets, prints, greeting cards and buttons for my first convention ever, where I broke even (gave a lot of stuff away for free) and met some awesome people. I told sleep, "not today", and built my first completely-Actionscript 3 Flash Game. I'm also finishing up a part-time character animation class at VanArts. And site traffic is going up like crazy! I'm finally seeing some numbers that I haven't seen since 2009. 800k pageviews in a month! That's awesome!

Officially, it's been six months since CUEK started updating again, and it's time to check in with YOU guys!

How are you liking the reboot so far?  What do you want to see more of? Is there anything you dislike, or want to see less of? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Vancouver Comic Con March 24

Posted by Enzo on March 11, 2013

Hey guys, on March 24th I'll be at the Vancouver Comic Con. If you're in the area you should stop by. I'm giving away buttons, select prints, and badly drawn sketches. Hope to see ya there!

Sunday, March 24 @ Heritage Hall
Admission: $4
3102 Main Street (Main & 15th Ave)
Vancouver, BC


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