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Support this comic!

Posted by Enzo on November 5, 2014



Hey guys and gals. I've recently opened up a support program on Tapastic that will allow you to give me large sums of money! Hopefully! Or else! Maybe!

I love making comics and have been drawing them all my life, and my dream has always been to do it full-time. The support program is an avenue that will allow me to do that, but I will need your help. If even a tenth of the visitors to the site each month gave me $1 a month, I would be able to make rent and food, and still have enough left over for booze and hookers. So that's all I'm asking from you: $1 a month.

What would that allow me to do? Currently, CUEK is on a two-day update schedule. I would be able to update more often, like say four to five times a week! I would also have more time to produce content that isn't strictly comics -- say, animations, games, tutorials, and self-contained/independent story comics. If you've read through my archive, then you know I'm good for it (otherwise, see #92#200 and of course Dog). Books and merchandise would also be possible!

What would you get in return? Currently the support program is set up to reward users on a milestone basis  (that is, once you've invested 5$ for example, you will receive an exclusive wallpaper). The support page has more info on all the rewards. As a supporter, you will also gain exclusive access to my brain in the form of works-in-progress, sketches, storyboards, and everything that goes on behind-the-scenes. This is tentative right now as I am just starting out, but I am open to many things, including but not limited to livestreams, Q&A sessions, and tutorials.

That's pretty much it from me for now. If you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy creating it, please consider supporting me, and I will do my best to make it worth your while. Thanks for reading!



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