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Recently, I participated in 24 Hour Comics Day, where you try to write 24 pages (long-form comics) or 100 panels (short-form/gag-a-day) in 24 hours.

I failed spectacularly at achieving either, reaching about 9.5 strips in total cause I took too long on each one. Here's the first batch. I hope you enjoy them.

Yes, the Filipino Stereotype Comic was inspired by Kate Beaton's Canadian Stereotype Comics.

Here are some URLS if you want to link to this page but have it jump to a specific comic:

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Discussion (19 Comments)

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  1. CRAZYbadArtist97 Member

    how do i express my love for your comics, sir?

  2. Deftera13 Member

    Just saying that a Filipino who can't sing has to be the biggest loser in the country.

  3. JMCM Member

    Good Comic... Proud Talaga Kayo Maging Pinoy... Dito Sana Kayo Mag Pasko Para Mas-masaya Ang Pasko Mo... HAHAHAHA...

  4. danineteen

    Tabo AND karaoke >_>

  5. AceOfSpades

    Wet Clean > Dry Clean

  6. canadamaggot Member

    As weird as you might think it is to talk about Filipino ass-wiping, it just sounds kind of nice to have a perfectly wiped down and clean ass. haha.

    You may not have gotten close, but at least you tried, bro! Maybe next year? :)

  7. Somebody

    I really have an urge to say that we Indonesian also use that Tabo thing, only we called it "Gayung"(no it's not Gay-ung).

    I really like your comic anyway.

  8. SomeRandomChick

    The last strip reminds me of your older style somewhat. Keep on posting!

  9. Felix

    Wow. Did not expect the artist to be of Filipino decent (~I guess it pays to read the About page. You are Filipino. *facepalm* Tanga ko naman daw). I must say that i miss your old style of drawing, as the current style one reminds me of earlier versions of Kiko Machine (Kiko Machine is a locally published, Filipino newspaper comic strip currently serialized in the Philippine Daily Inquirer. Sample here: http://www.kikomachinekomix.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/time.jpg), but the current one works too. As for the subjects of the four strips: I must say that the <> thing is a little bit over rated, touching up on the <> of whether to wipe ass or to wash ass is put together nicely, I have no comments on the standoff strip other than <>, and the Filipino stereotypes strip rather hits close to home as my friends and I sing karaoke whenever we go out at night. Awesome comic, please keep it up!

  10. R2

    Omg we call the tabo "gayung" in indonesian!

  11. ThatPinoyDude

    hahaha cutting school just to sing and drink at karaoke bars oh good times gooooooood times

  12. whattalife Member

    its disgusting not cleaning your stupid ass thoroughly and there are may filipinos who cant sing, im just sayin

  13. Plotbunny

    (checks randomly for the first time in like, a year)



    (whispers softly) It's back....

    I missed you so much! :D

  14. Guest

    It's so weird to read a comic and actually understand it! I mean as a Filipino Canadian living in BC hihihihi ^-^!

  15. fhqwhgus Member

    Heh. I know that feel, bro. Tried that stuff with Deviantart. Got stuck working on one picture, missed my self-imposed deadline... but thoroughly enjoyed the work regardless. As long as you had fun, then you didn't waste your time. Try it again sometime later, I'm sure you'll enjoy the challenge. :)

  16. Lt_Amazil

    as a half-filipino, this really touches me on an emotional level. I probably laughed harder than I should have.

  17. blankbubble Member

    My dad moved to the Philippines when I was 3 and came back for a weekend when I was 7. He then went on to tell us ( my brothers and i) that I had the 'right' figure *shudder* to get husband there and that we needed to wash our asses if we'd had a poop. Safe to say IM NEVER VISITING MY DAD EVER!

  18. danineteen

    Found your work on 9gag. http://9gag.com/gag/5719013?ref=channel


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