#595 : Comfort

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  1. adobki Member

    Seems #CUEK is regular again. Yippee!! :cheer: Thanks Enzo, you always reward our patience!

  2. ?

    3 Magic Items for a teleportation scroll?! You would've been better off just hiring some intoxicated wizard to teleport you guys in, or maybe have one of you own party members on the spell. The doppelgänger part seems pretty good, though he could end up ratting your crew out. Also, by "Evil Dwarf Stronghold" do you mean "The base of a Lawful Evil Antagonist our campaign is oriented against" or "Some Paladin Garrison who's douche members saw me pickpocketing and decided to actually uphold the law?"

  3. Double_G Member

    I feel like this is something you'd say Enzo

  4. Nivek

    Vague demands are most often met with 'random' replies.


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