#602 : Meet Cute 2

If this ever becomes a sitcom years from now I nominate it be called "How I Creeped Your Mother"
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  1. thebrain2k

    Hey Enzo,

    For some days now, when using the URL my browser has saved from earlier visits (https://www.cheerupemokid.com/), I get a "connection not secure" warning, because the new SSL certificate is only for cheerupemokid.com (without the www part).
    I added an exception for the certificate just to see what it would do and it looks like you added a redirect from the www domain to the non-www domain.
    The problem is that the initial request needed to get this redirect will trigger the security warning mentioned above, so visitors actually don't get redirected.
    Also, after removing the certificate exception again, my browser still remembered the redirect until I cleared the cache.

    This might also explain the lack of comments in the past days since posting the last comic...

    • Enzo Administrator

      dang! thank you so much for pointing this out to me. I'm going to try to get it fixed -- in the meantime, would you mind clearing your cache/cookies and letting me know if the problem still persists? thank you for your help!!

      • thebrain2k

        I double-checked with various browsers, all with cache+cookie cleared:
        -Internet Explorer 11 (Desktop), Firefox (Desktop v59) and the stock browser on my Samsung S7 (Mobile) display the security warning
        -Chrome (Desktop v66 + Mobile) and Iron (Desktop v52) don't display it and redirect to the non-www domain.

        • Enzo Administrator

          Thank you so much for looking into it.

          I went ahead and reverted back to serving the domain with the www and I refreshed the SSL certificate -- it looks like if I want to serve the naked domain in the future I'm going to have to spend more time on fixing it which I unfortunately don't have right now :( Thanks for your help though I appreciate you!

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