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Discussion (29 Comments)

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  1. tech60 Member

    lets rewind to the fork in the paths
    and take the path of fury,
    down the road of wrath
    and drown ourselves in the booze and the drugs
    but those old memories still leavin us bugged
    reconciliation seems like the best idea
    but when you get there you can't believe what you're seein
    you let go of all the anger and rage
    let the sadness out of the diary page after page
    you let them know how you got emotionally burnt
    but in the process you end up feelin physical hurt
    and you're left there trying you best not to cry
    and its on the ground that you start to see love as a lie
    a new persona has taken over the place
    a scarf to hide the bruises
    a dark scowl on your face
    to ward others off from the pain,
    you do something others would think is insane
    you'd open a booth
    let them know the whole ugly truth
    but there's still one last bridge left to burn
    and after that the last lesson is finally learned
    they say the honesty just makes you a jerk
    but in the end, you feel you gotta go with what works
    so now there's only honest rage in the tank
    but don't call it being honest, call it just bein Frank.

  2. AMK AMK Moderator

    Good. Good. Let the hate flow through you.

  3. Shinigami99 Member

    That blew my mind...
    I guess this shows that we can end up as a completely different person, depending on how we face the obstacles life throws at us. One path may lead us to becoming someone like Steve, happy as a clam with the woman he loves. Another path may lead us to becoming someone like Frank, hating the world but still remaining awesome.

    In the end, either ending doesn't seem too bad.

  4. Anilihator

    Behind every man's great decision there is a woman.
    Except for Phil. There are dudes behind him.

    P.S. So wait, does replying only work for members now?

  5. A.J.

    Excuse me for a minute while I go pick up the pieces of my mind that you just blew into a million pieces.


    This may take a while.

  6. siege Member

    Hmmm.... this is an interesting turn of events.

    This may be one huge "Fight Club"-esque, multiple personality, mind-bending, story of a boy and his explorations of possible life choices.

  7. Anilihator

    You should write a play. "Cheer Up Emo Kid: The Musical"

  8. jackthemanhat Member

    I quite liked the first ending over the second ending, though it makes sense that the second ending would start off the whole series. I guess your girlfriend can really change the course of your life.

    • Sylvanrose Member

      actually if you notice the first "Panel" rewinds back to the initial reading which indicates this is a completely different path in the last one being how Steve and Sue became how they are today, and this one as to how our oh so lovable Frank became who he is.

  9. Tech21101 Member

    Now I see where this is going...

  10. Quism Member

    omg i'll never trust u again i bet this is all a huge inception with alter ego personas and shit


  11. pj

    Yeah, love the last line. You totally told the story of Frank :)

  12. XaPhobia Member

    So am I the only one who thought Paths was about Zeke? I'm calling Paths will take the Path of Denial next.

  13. death

    i READ THIS AS i'M LISTENING TO Thnks Fr Th Mmrs BY Fall Out boy

  14. tofei Member

    Well that was unexpected, I thought it was all over in part 3. :rockon: Though I don't know where this is all gonna end up, keep it coming Enzo!

  15. death

    ID think reply works for anyone currently.
    I could be wrong but whatevvs :hat:

  16. OHHHRADIO Member


  17. Bomber678

    Oh man... I can't wait to see where this goes next.....

    Been following your comic since the twins bit, after my brother linked the Dog story.
    I kept the bookmark even after hiatus, overjoyed when it came back.

    I love your work. And oh man this gonna be good.

  18. goodstuff Member

    I'm completely addicted, your stuff is great. I've been reading these since 2009/2010, I've read all of them. I particularly liked this one, pretty deep. The Steve and Frank thing is brilliant I commend you.

  19. Tiamat

    Poor Frank! I'm rereading this, and before I read this I thought he was just a butt!

  20. aphronis

    but isn't it because of his dad that Frank started The Truth??? i am confused...

  21. BadJokesAnonymous Member


  22. HIPSTER KID Member

    ...wow *sob, sob*

  23. MrDankEmo

    I love the paths story, its amazing. But now Frank has 2 backstories?


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