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The Blog

Fans of the Female Persuasion

Posted by Enzo on May 30, 2009

I noticed while going through the demographics of all the visitors to CUEK that 52% of all the visitors from the US were female. This was quite intriguing to me!

Mainly because I've always felt that, in the majority of the strips -- especially the ones before the introduction of Jade (yes, that's Purple's real name) in #46 -- the females were either the butt of the intended joke, the object of ridicule, or depicted as a bitch or a liar or a slut or something along those lines. Not that I hate women or feel a need for them to be constantly ridiculed (in truth, it's just one or two specific women, but that's not the point). I just, you know, thought that I was always relating to a more male audience since that's my personal perspective.

I mean, I'm not unwelcoming to the female audience as well, it just came as a bit of a surprise!

I suppose I'm that closed-minded that I've never taken the time to look at relationships from a female point of view. But since I was 15 I have been in four serious "relationships" (quoted, because only two of them were "official") and all of them ended terribly. Which doesn't leave me much of a perspective to go on aside from the stereotypical "THAT BITCH WAS A HO" standpoint.

What's the plural of "ho", anyway? Hos? Ho's? Hoes? This is going to bug me all day.

So if you're a female, and you've wasted the few minutes it took to read this, tell me: Why do you read CUEK?

Stuff for the Weekend

Posted by Enzo on May 24, 2009

A "sketch" I spent way too long on that turned into what you're looking at right now.

Okay, so I totally meant to post this at the BEGINNING of the weekend (because, of course, that would make more sense, considering there is no comic). Well, straight to it -- a couple of things, I'm sure you're all already aware of the new design and the new-ish forum, where I got bored and decided to start an MS Paint Adventure.

CUEK MS Paint Adventure
You are ZEKE.

If you've never heard of Andrew Hussie or MS Paint Adventures, you should educate yourself -- granted, if you consider yourself dorky enough to enjoy/participate in such madness. Because it is quite dorky, but that's what I love about it. It's a game, and the player is you. The premise of an MSPA is an artist tells a story and the readers contribute commands to advance the plot, whereupon the artist continues the story however way s/he sees fit, but using the readers' suggestions. Andrew Hussie popularized this (if not being the first person to come up with the concept) with the epic story of Problem Sleuth, which started as a simple detective story and, thanks to the readers, became an incredible, nonsensical journey.

So if you're bored, you should definitely come join our own homegrown paint adventure, which is in part a tribute to Mr. Hussie.

Another forum user picture request.

Last thing I want to mention was to stay tuned for an animated comic strip coming soon to... the top part of the website, if Enzo doesn't completely fail at Flash. Have a great week, people.

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