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The Blog

An Explanation

Posted by Enzo on December 31, 2009

Update: Been making several ninja edits over the past few hours, you should be able to post comments now without errors. Site is currently 90% done. Individual pages need work and I can't figure out how to call updates from Twitter (their default widget is ugly as hell).

I originally had a long-winded explanation as to why I tend to disappear without warning but I scrapped it because it all boils down to one thing -- I only draw when I'm inspired, and I'm only inspired when I'm unhappy about something. I'm not about to start cranking out half-assed shit just to meet a deadline. When I create something, it has to be the best I can possibly make it to my ability. I'm not about to let CUEK become one of those shit strips you see in the newspaper.

That being said -- I struck gold a few weeks ago and have been working ever since trying to get this... "new thing" I'm trying into motion. Coupled with a redesign, it's going to be... well, a story comic. Whether it's one entire page  a week or several panels every few days, I'm taking a break from the norm and telling you a story that you may or may not be already familiar with.

In the  meantime, have a fantastical new year -- eat, drink, and be fat and drunk.

Art never comes from happiness. -- Chuck Palahniuk

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