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The Blog

This is My Brain Melting

Posted by Enzo on August 13, 2009

Cubism Poster

Charger Driving into Vancouver

iDrank Poster


Some old stuff, some new stuff, just felt like putting 'em up since most of them haven't seen the light of day before. School is killer, and it's destroying my sleep schedule, my appetite, and -- this I fear the most -- my sense of humor.

But I'm trying my best. Promise.

I mean, I write a comic about failed relationships -- how 'together' do you think my life is, really?

So much love for the continued, undying support. You guys are awesome.

The Status of the Webcomic

Posted by Enzo on July 16, 2009

Corky, Danielle & Zeke
This absolutely amazing summer school has barely entered its second week and it's already kicking my ass. In previous semesters I always found time to work around that, even forgoing sleep and sustenance just to bring you my thrice-weekly brain diarrhea.

That formula might not work for me anymore, unfortunately. As we enter our fourth quarter in this intensive design program, the workload has increased accordingly. One of the reasons I maintained a Sunday/Tuesday/Thursday schedule is that I am an incredibly slow worker. I may understand a concept or have a great idea in mind for a comic, but as of late it's been taking me up to six to eight hours to finish a comic strip. "Six to eight hours?!" you gasp, raising an eyebrow. "But the comic art is so simple. Why does it take so long?" Well, I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to my line art, and the actual majority of that time is spent drawing, erasing, and redrawing.

tl;dr I'm slow to begin with, and being busy makes me slower.

As it stands I may tone down the updates temporarily for the next few weeks, from three updates to two (most likely on Sunday and Thursday).

(To appease a disgruntled reader, the header image will be edited to reflect this change as soon as I get home.)

I really wish I didn't have to do this, but school is killer and I haven't been sleeping lately. Well, that's a lie, I did sleep yesterday -- I got home on Tuesday night, passed out, and woke up on Thursday morning. It's pretty bad. My dad calls me "Sleeping Beauty" now.

The good news is that, while I am working at school right now as I'm writing this, I do have a strip in the works that will be up between tonight and tomorrow morning. And as a little extra for those who haven't seen it and are willing to wait for me to get my shit together, I've put my old webcomic back up. You've probably been wondering who the hell those kids at the top of this post are -- it's the cast from the defunct No Spring Chicken webcomic. If you have some time to kill, feel free to browse through about 200 mediocre strips!

It's nothing amazing and frankly at some points it's a little embarassing, but I started making those strips when I was fourteen. It was just kind of interesting looking through all my failed projects and seeing how small elements from all of those endeavors seem to have found their way back to CUEK.

And finally, thank you all so much for your infinite patience and continued support, you guys rock :)

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