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Cheer Up, Emo Kid

Posted by Enzo on June 4, 2009

Frank and his Guitar

Quick update on Thursday's 'strip': It's going to be late, and I apologize, because I wanted it to be fully animated but last night during the time I usually get my shit done, I got caught up in a personal emergency. It will most likely be up tonight, or tomorrow morning at the latest. Sorry :(. In the meantime I hope to distract you with some eye candy as well as something I'd like to discuss.

I have a question about the phrase "CHEER UP, EMO KID". Why is this so offensive? So far I have had the privilege of meeting three distinct people who have taken offense to the phrase. Two of them were on WoW back in the day when my named my guild "Cheer Up, Emo Kid". I was bitched at for being "insensitive", "a bully", and "a jerk", among other things. The third instance is a girl commenting on the Facebook Artwork Album (you may have to trackback a bit if you want to read through it).

Apparently, "Emo kids" don't need cheering up. Or something like that.

How can anyone take offense to this phrase? Yes, it is implying and reinforcing the stereotype that "Emos" are unhappy or depressed -- but the word "Emo" itself stems from "emotional". So by in fact defining yourself as an "Emo kid" you are admitting to that you are emotional, am I correct?

Stereotypes are stereotypes because they're true. I'm not going to lie about that. I'm Asian and in all cases I am a terrible driver. I'm a Filipino and I switch my F's & P's and my B's & V's sometimes. The big (and only) white guys in my high school were jocks. I have a close Jewish friend and he's pretty fucking stingy with his money. I have a Japanese friend and he is, by all accounts, insane. The same goes with "Emos" -- they're naturally associated with depression, cutting, suicide, whiny music, distinct hairdos, and black clothing (among other things) because IT'S FUCKING TRUE, RIGHT?

Please, stop me if I'm wrong.

I always thought that this webcomic would be a guide of sorts, in order to either prevent people from making the same mistakes I have, or humor those with similar experiences. As far as I see it, "Emo" isn't a fashion trend or a type of music. Emo is a MINDSET. Anyone who defines themselves as "Emo" solely by the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and the cuts on their arms, are attention whores. I say this because I used to be EXACTLY like this. I used to be "Emo". I dressed up the hair, wore the clothes, cut the arms, blasted the music, cried the tears. Sure, MAYBE you're genuinely depressed, MAYBE you genuinely have a problem, but when I look back at my own personal experience I realize it was all a bid for attention.

If you're depressed, or sad, don't dress it up. Get help. Talk to a friend, talk to your parents, talk to SOMEBODY. And don't tell me "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND" because I've been there, believe me. Please don't be an attention whore.

So, again, my question: Why are "Emo kids" so offended when they're told to "cheer up"?

Lochie Tattoo

Okay, so this is another animation that is going to be the "finale" to the TRAPdoor story arc. I AM COMPLETELY AWARE I SPELLED TATTOOS WRONG.


Jade explodes Frank's biplane. This has nothing to do with the story whatsoever!

Fans of the Female Persuasion

Posted by Enzo on May 30, 2009

I noticed while going through the demographics of all the visitors to CUEK that 52% of all the visitors from the US were female. This was quite intriguing to me!

Mainly because I've always felt that, in the majority of the strips -- especially the ones before the introduction of Jade (yes, that's Purple's real name) in #46 -- the females were either the butt of the intended joke, the object of ridicule, or depicted as a bitch or a liar or a slut or something along those lines. Not that I hate women or feel a need for them to be constantly ridiculed (in truth, it's just one or two specific women, but that's not the point). I just, you know, thought that I was always relating to a more male audience since that's my personal perspective.

I mean, I'm not unwelcoming to the female audience as well, it just came as a bit of a surprise!

I suppose I'm that closed-minded that I've never taken the time to look at relationships from a female point of view. But since I was 15 I have been in four serious "relationships" (quoted, because only two of them were "official") and all of them ended terribly. Which doesn't leave me much of a perspective to go on aside from the stereotypical "THAT BITCH WAS A HO" standpoint.

What's the plural of "ho", anyway? Hos? Ho's? Hoes? This is going to bug me all day.

So if you're a female, and you've wasted the few minutes it took to read this, tell me: Why do you read CUEK?

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