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The Blog

The Game Demo

Posted by Enzo on April 10, 2009

Last semester in our introductory Flash class our final project was completely open-ended in the sense that we could make anything we want, as long as it applied all the things we learned during the semester. Although I already was fairly familiar with basic animation, I was absolutely illiterate when it came to the Flash Actionscript language, so it was all new to me. The end result was a short introductory 'demo' for a proposed Cheer Up, Emo Kid flash game. The premise was it would be a point-and-click RPG adventure of sorts, and in the tradition of Andrew Hussie's MS Paint Adventures, I was hoping I could integrate some sort of user-interactivity where readers could continue the story by deciding what the character would do next.

Well anyway, let me know what you think of it so far -- also, it ends when his mom comes into the room, just to let you know in case. . . like, you sit and stare for hours waiting for something to happen.

Play Demo

CUEK: The Game/Cartoon

Posted by Enzo on April 1, 2009

Would you rather see a Cheer Up, Emo Kid animation, or a Cheer Up, Emo Kid flash game? It'd be something along the lines of a point-and-click puzzle adventure RPG or something. We've actually started the concept and have actually come up with a 'demo' of sorts, where you take up the role of Zeke in an epic quest to save humanity. Would anyone be interested in seeing this?

We should probably be working on getting our t-shirt shop online, too. In all fairness, that's coming soon. Like, real soon. Promise.

In other news, there's apparently a workprint (unedited) version of the new Wolverine movie floating about somewhere online (*cough*PirateBay*cough*). While I don't care much for arguing about the ethics of piracy, and while Hugh Jackman is totally hot, the guys over at Fox are total jerks. In case you've been living under a rock the last couple of months leading up to the release of Watchmen, they sat on the rights of the movie for, like, a decade or two, and after Warner Bros. obtained the rights and actually began making a movie that looked like it would be a success, Fox was all like, "yo, dudes, that's not cool. We, like, still technically own the rights to this movie, man." Or whatever. People are greedy, man.

But I digress. I'm sure Mr. Jackman wouldn't mind since apparently he's being picked up by Broadway, but otherwise, Fox can kiss my nonexistent ass.

Kim out.

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