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The Blog

CUEK: The Game/Cartoon

Posted by Enzo on April 1, 2009

Would you rather see a Cheer Up, Emo Kid animation, or a Cheer Up, Emo Kid flash game? It'd be something along the lines of a point-and-click puzzle adventure RPG or something. We've actually started the concept and have actually come up with a 'demo' of sorts, where you take up the role of Zeke in an epic quest to save humanity. Would anyone be interested in seeing this?

We should probably be working on getting our t-shirt shop online, too. In all fairness, that's coming soon. Like, real soon. Promise.

In other news, there's apparently a workprint (unedited) version of the new Wolverine movie floating about somewhere online (*cough*PirateBay*cough*). While I don't care much for arguing about the ethics of piracy, and while Hugh Jackman is totally hot, the guys over at Fox are total jerks. In case you've been living under a rock the last couple of months leading up to the release of Watchmen, they sat on the rights of the movie for, like, a decade or two, and after Warner Bros. obtained the rights and actually began making a movie that looked like it would be a success, Fox was all like, "yo, dudes, that's not cool. We, like, still technically own the rights to this movie, man." Or whatever. People are greedy, man.

But I digress. I'm sure Mr. Jackman wouldn't mind since apparently he's being picked up by Broadway, but otherwise, Fox can kiss my nonexistent ass.

Kim out.

Redesign Operational

Posted by Enzo on March 26, 2009

If anyone got that, that was an obscure Starcraft reference, you know? Whenever you finished building a Terran Battlecruiser, it'd pop up and the Commodore would yell, "Battlecruiser Operational!" Yes? No? I'm lame, you don't have to tell me three times.

Anyway, after about a month's worth of designing the site (the layout was actually for a final project) and pushing code around, it's up and functional, as far as I can see. I'm going to put the artwork section back up as soon as I can find a WordPress image gallery plugin that doesn't shit on my face whenever I try to update it (I used to use NGG gallery - I wouldn't recommend it). So here it is. I was looking at the websites of so-called "emo" bands and subcultures  and wanted to do a slight parody of their somewhat predictable styling  in my design, but I don't think I pulled it off too well, instead of looking ridiculous like I intended, it just blends in. Oh well. I mean, that's why I'm going to school, right.

What do you think? Don't mind me, as an aspiring web/graphic designer I tend to get sick of a design five minutes into completing it. It sucks. So in retrospect, here's something complete unrelated -- a picture of a koala in a bucket.

Koala in a Bucket

Currently listening to The Offspring - Kristy, Are You Doing Okay?The Outfield - Your Love, Ras Kass - Interview With a Vampire, Fall Out Boy - America's Suitehearts, and Super Mash Bros. - I'm an Adler Girl.

Anyway, cheers!

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