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MSPaint Adventures & CUEK

Posted by Enzo on March 10, 2009

First off, an extremely inappropriate poster/t-shirt concept.

I'm Chris Brown, BitchNow I don't know if anyone of you follow MSPaint Adventures, the brainchild of Andrew Hussie, but if you do, you'll know that the epic saga of Problem Sleuth ended today after a year of several-times-daily updates. That's a metric fuckton of art, and that doesn't even take into account the storyline.

For those not in the know, MSPaint Adventures is an interactive comic strip. In the tradition of old-fashioned DOS games that you would progress through solely by typing actions into the command prompt, MSPA would progress in its story solely through possibly command prompts, all suggested by readers. Well, while Hussie still maintains some control over the storyline, he states that at least 95% of it was user-generated.

This is hugely inspiring and I've always wanted to do something along these lines. Maybe start it off in the forum to get an initial story going, and then proceed from there. Would anyone be interested in contributing to this?

Well, you know, lemme know. It's lonely on that forum.

New RSS Feed, New Forum

Posted by Enzo on March 9, 2009

So the entire last week was spent migrating webhosts which explains all the downtime and stuff (I'm new to all that technobabble, so, apologies). As a result, though, the site has undergone a few backend upgrades, with a brand-spanking-new design in the works that should be up in the next week or so!

Anyway, to the point: THE RSS FEED URL HAS CHANGED. As far as I know, this is important. As I've been told to do through tutorials I've read, I set up a 301 redirection at the location of the old feed, but I'm not sure how that works really, so uh. The new address is HTTP://WWW.cheerupemokid.com/FEED and will be permanent for the most part. For those who don't know what the hell this is, think of it as a bookmark that alerts you when the website has been updated. I think. Anyway, that's important, I guess, so, please update your bookmarks!

Also, the Cheer Up, Emo Kid Forum is up at https://forum.cheerupemokid.com. Feel free to sign up and start some discussion because I'm pretty tired of talking to myself.

In other news, you should definitely watch The Watchmen movie if you haven't already. I mean, people either love it or hate it apparently, but either way, it's something to talk about! Unless you don't have friends, then that's just kind of sad.

I'd write more but I already posted up my Rihanna rant so here's some sugary goodness for the day.

Oh, and in case you've been wondering, that goofy-looking dude on the left is the guy behind LoveIsAStory, which has some pretty good music, as well as a sweet cover of Imogen Heap's "Hide & Seek", or the song that everyone would be familiar with more as the song in that SNL Skit, "Dear Sister." Mmmm, what you say? Mmm, that you only meant well? Well, of course you did. That one! That one.

This guy was jerking it when his mom suddenly called him on Skype, which was apparently set on aut0-answer, with the webcam set to auto-start. [via boredatwork.com, via ubersite.com]

Is this real? Watchmen was made into a Saturday morning cartoon at one point? Oh dear god. [via todaysbigthing.com, via youtube.com]

This is Frank in real life. [via fmylife.com]

And I'm spent. Be sure to check out the forums, I don't think I'm gonna be posting links up here anymore since it's up.

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