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The Blog

Strip Reschedule

Posted by Enzo on February 3, 2009

So I've been a bit busy lately with a lot of things and naturally am completely and infallibly inept at managing my time correctly, but the excuse I want to use is that the workload at school is getting a bit heavier on top of a few other things. We're still alive, though, but I'll have to reschedule the updates for now from the regular Monday, Wednesday and Friday routine to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, designed to work around my class & homework schedule. We'll see how long that holds up, I guess. In the meantime, some stuff.

If you've never heard of The Boondocks, it's one of the few strips that appear in newspapers that's actually funny. Funny enough to have an animated series made that's even funnier. It's kind of old now, though, and I haven't seen or heard of any new episodes as of late (and I don't know how to read, so scratch keeping up with the newspaper comic) but it's definitely worth a watch.

Someone aired part of a porno to Comcast subscribers in Tucson, Arizona during the superbowl. Epic win.

The obligatory cute kitten video oh my god they're fucking adorable I want one oh dear give me a kitten please.

One side of me says, baww, that's adorable. The other side says, bitch, you dumb. What do you think?

Happy New Year

Posted by Enzo on January 2, 2009

The operative word being "happy", of course. Since I have nothing new or interesting to report, here's a couple of YouTube videos and pictures.

Facebook Stalker Rap

Tetris is for Chicks

Emo Song of the Day: "Best I Ever Had" by State of Shock
They have the obligatory slow-motion instrument playing in the rain scene, what more could you ask for.

Holy shit it's a duck with boots on that is so fucking cute I want one

Did you know that the most gym enrollments come right after new year's, when everyone makes a resolution to "lose weight" and subsequently work out? The first few weeks afterwards, gyms see the busiest hours they will see for the entire year. Afterwards, visits start to dwindle as people get lazier, and eventually it becomes business as usual. Not that the gyms are complaning or anything, since they make the most money this time of year.

Moral is, I just called you fat.

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