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The Blog

So I Was Wondering...

Posted by Enzo on December 15, 2008

Update 12.22: Turns out, I hate Vanilla. I'm looking for a better alternative.

Update 12.20: The forum is up and running at its most basic level, check it out.

A couple of things. I was going through the web statistics for Cheer Up, Emo Kid this morning and noticed a ton of links from Plurk.com. Turns out, it's just another social networking site, which I can only describe as Twitter on crack, and I was intrigued, so I signed up. Unfortunately, nobody I know uses Plurk, which brings me back to the question -- who's linking to CUEK? HUH? Come out of the woodwork and add me. =) I've always like as much as possible to keep in touch with people who comment on my work and stuff, so I wouldn't mind catching up with a few more faces. (And also, I have no friends. SELF-ZING.)

Who came up with the name Plurk, anyway? As cool as the social network is, the name leaves a little to be desired. You can say "just Facebook me", or "hey, did you catch my Twitters?", but when I tried out "I've been Plurking for the last few days" it sounds like I contracted some sort of stomach infection. But I digress.

Secondly, if I were to make a message board, would anyone post on it? I've fucked around with phpBB in the past but never really had enough content to justify the software, so I was thinking of adding something more lightweight (like Vanilla or bbPress) because I want it to be a repository for visitors to come and post their own depressing stories. Kind of like a PostSecret/OneSentence thing, except you don't really have to be anonymous unless you want to be. The pitch is that if enough people like your story, I'll make it into a comic strip! Woo hoo! Yes? No?

Thirdly, watch this if you've ever wanted to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.

Anyways, I'm heading down to Cali tomorrow for a day, so the strip for Wednesday might be late. In the meantime, check this out. A Canadian man built a robot girlfriend.

Cheers, guys!

- I did, I do, I will

What Just Happened?

Posted by Enzo on December 12, 2008

So I was happy when Cheer Up, Emo Kid was accepted to Is It Funny Today?, a place where readers can find & rate webcomics daily, with the funniest ones for the day receiving the most exposure. I was thrilled when the majority of the feedback I received was positive, and ecstatic when CUEK started moving up the charts

And then I checked the website during class and noticed it had crapped out. Less than thrilled, I quickly checked No Spring Chicken, and it was up and running, which made no sense to me since they're hosted on the exact same server.

So I checked the web statistics and . . . Apparently, what crashed our website was a link from Digg.com, and how about 45,000 people had tried to access us all at once. Holy. Shit.

So suffice to say, I'm really happy, and want to give a big thank you for all the support & feedback. I hope I don't disappoint in the future!

- Enzo

The Clone Machine

I blew up some of the drawings for today's strip so you could see the details and stuff.

We Clone the Bitch

I might want to put this on a shirt and have the gray wrap around. And the text can be changed to anything!

Pick Him

This one, too! What do you think?

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