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The Blog

Happy New Year

Posted by Enzo on January 2, 2009

The operative word being "happy", of course. Since I have nothing new or interesting to report, here's a couple of YouTube videos and pictures.

Facebook Stalker Rap

Tetris is for Chicks

Emo Song of the Day: "Best I Ever Had" by State of Shock
They have the obligatory slow-motion instrument playing in the rain scene, what more could you ask for.

Holy shit it's a duck with boots on that is so fucking cute I want one

Did you know that the most gym enrollments come right after new year's, when everyone makes a resolution to "lose weight" and subsequently work out? The first few weeks afterwards, gyms see the busiest hours they will see for the entire year. Afterwards, visits start to dwindle as people get lazier, and eventually it becomes business as usual. Not that the gyms are complaning or anything, since they make the most money this time of year.

Moral is, I just called you fat.

So I Was Wondering...

Posted by Enzo on December 15, 2008

Update 12.22: Turns out, I hate Vanilla. I'm looking for a better alternative.

Update 12.20: The forum is up and running at its most basic level, check it out.

A couple of things. I was going through the web statistics for Cheer Up, Emo Kid this morning and noticed a ton of links from Plurk.com. Turns out, it's just another social networking site, which I can only describe as Twitter on crack, and I was intrigued, so I signed up. Unfortunately, nobody I know uses Plurk, which brings me back to the question -- who's linking to CUEK? HUH? Come out of the woodwork and add me. =) I've always like as much as possible to keep in touch with people who comment on my work and stuff, so I wouldn't mind catching up with a few more faces. (And also, I have no friends. SELF-ZING.)

Who came up with the name Plurk, anyway? As cool as the social network is, the name leaves a little to be desired. You can say "just Facebook me", or "hey, did you catch my Twitters?", but when I tried out "I've been Plurking for the last few days" it sounds like I contracted some sort of stomach infection. But I digress.

Secondly, if I were to make a message board, would anyone post on it? I've fucked around with phpBB in the past but never really had enough content to justify the software, so I was thinking of adding something more lightweight (like Vanilla or bbPress) because I want it to be a repository for visitors to come and post their own depressing stories. Kind of like a PostSecret/OneSentence thing, except you don't really have to be anonymous unless you want to be. The pitch is that if enough people like your story, I'll make it into a comic strip! Woo hoo! Yes? No?

Thirdly, watch this if you've ever wanted to get revenge on your ex-girlfriend.

Anyways, I'm heading down to Cali tomorrow for a day, so the strip for Wednesday might be late. In the meantime, check this out. A Canadian man built a robot girlfriend.

Cheers, guys!

- I did, I do, I will

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