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The Blog

What Just Happened?

Posted by Enzo on December 12, 2008

So I was happy when Cheer Up, Emo Kid was accepted to Is It Funny Today?, a place where readers can find & rate webcomics daily, with the funniest ones for the day receiving the most exposure. I was thrilled when the majority of the feedback I received was positive, and ecstatic when CUEK started moving up the charts

And then I checked the website during class and noticed it had crapped out. Less than thrilled, I quickly checked No Spring Chicken, and it was up and running, which made no sense to me since they're hosted on the exact same server.

So I checked the web statistics and . . . Apparently, what crashed our website was a link from Digg.com, and how about 45,000 people had tried to access us all at once. Holy. Shit.

So suffice to say, I'm really happy, and want to give a big thank you for all the support & feedback. I hope I don't disappoint in the future!

- Enzo

The Clone Machine

I blew up some of the drawings for today's strip so you could see the details and stuff.

We Clone the Bitch

I might want to put this on a shirt and have the gray wrap around. And the text can be changed to anything!

Pick Him

This one, too! What do you think?

State of the Network Address

Posted by Enzo on November 17, 2008

If you were redirected here via nospringchicken.net, the change is temporary. The forum over at NSC was broken because of a recent database upgrade, and since the Cheer Up, Emo Kid comics are the only updates that are happening there, I figured it was time to begin the migration to WordPress. So nospringchicken.net will be down for the time being -- In the meantime, enjoy the CUEK comics.

I'm writing a graphic novel of sorts, which will be updated once a week on NSC once I get a good headstart on pages. It'll be about a girl (surprise surprise), so stay tuned for that.


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